Antique Area Rugs

We pride ourselves on being one of the leading Oriental rug destinations in the Northeast. Among our most sought after are the fine antique area rugs that have stood the tests of time. The record high prices attained at the major auction galleries attest to their quality and value.

A rug is classified as “Antique” when it reaches 100 years old. There are those classified as “semi-Antique” which are 50 – 100 years old and then the “old” rugs, which are 25 to 50 years old. Anything under 25 years old is referred to as “modern” Most are familiar with Persian rugs, but there are many regions other than Iran where hand knotted rugs originated. We have a fine collection of Caucasian, Turkish, Chinese, and European rugs in addition to the Persians. J. Namnoun has been in the business of rug repair, cleaning and restoration as well as sales for over 25 years.

We try to educate our customers regarding this vast and complicated world or hand made rugs. Through knowledge, we feel comfortable decisions can be made. There are fine values to be had in every level of rug collection. Today there are very fine rugs made which are reproductions of the classic antique styles. They are made in the old world traditions with hand spun wool and vegetable based dyes. We compare the old with the new and give our clients the option to find the best product to fit their decorative, collectible and budget requirements.
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We are happy to share our knowledge and experience. Please browse our website, but always feel free to call and schedule an appointment.