A Home With A Classic French Interior Decor 

If you like a classic French interior décor, it is exactly what you will find inside the Hotel Belle Juliette located in Paris. The rooms are home like; it is exactly where you want to be away from home. Blame this amazing hotel design to Anne Gelbard, the brain behind the design concept. She uses traditional furniture that exudes balance and symmetry. With modern elements like wall treatments, contemporary fabrics, bold colors, and bright patterns—this hotel balances modern day living and French glamour.

When creating the perfect classic French interior decor into your house, remember the basic rule that gold is good. If you like a French design, you want something gilded and polished to a sophisticated level. This way, this design idea is best for people who wish to live in luxury or those who likes the idea of it. Here are some tips when creating the perfect classic French interior décor:

The look should be filled with details but not that “Moulin Rouge” style. The perfect classic French interior decor must exude style and sophistication. It should be like a vintage chic.
Make use of decorative pieces, the Rococo, Baroque, and Neo-classical styles.
The overall feel of the house is quiet luxury and style. Imagine vintage and beautiful furniture hanging on your house. The pieces should come in rich textures and colors.
This style is very satisfying that you will find the comfort of living inside a house with a classic French interior décor. Just consider the enjoyment of being surrounded by luxury in your own house.

The classic French interior decor is something you can do inside your house. It is not important if you do not have any background about working on an interior design, what is important is that you can imagine the outcome of the house.

Start with the walls; it should be glamorous for an authentic French style. You do not have to always choose rich colors because you are allowed to work on pale walls, just as long as they exude glamour. If you want pale colors then opt for cool greys, creams, duck egg blue, mint, or eau-de-nil. You can add a touch of silver, gold, gilt or shimmer.

Your furniture must be decorative and elegant. Adding furniture that are antique and vintage will create the perfect classic French interior décor. You can always go for old furniture although you may want to avoid using those that are shabby. Those carved woods and black or white painted furniture will create the perfect look.

Fabrics that are fine and luxurious are essential to a French designed house. Opt for opulent, rich, and velvet-like fabrics. You can also go for silk and satin. Your fabrics should be beautiful that they execute some fancy tails and swags. You can hang fabrics on your walls too. This way, you will create the perfect classic French interior décor without spending much on a home interior designer.